Tuesday, October 8, 2013

scene 3- done?

heres my latest version! last minute crits?
I put this version on the server in the movies folder and i put the .mb file in the scenes folder so melvin if you want to check it out feel free

Shot 2 polishing, looking for crits!

Worked on polishing up overall, and really nailing the silhouettes. But what do you guys think? What could i do/push to get it to that next level?

Hope your weekends went well!


Alright, I tried to adjust the twinning a bit and the fingers, also added another blink or two.
Let me know what the next critiques are.
Melvin- maybe I'm just being crazy but I didnt see a lamp group in the outliner. Looks like theres a light shining down from above and an area light. If I tun either of these off it either is pitch black or theres hardly any change. Again, maybe I've just lost it and I'm not understanding.