Monday, September 16, 2013

Environment / Lighting / Book Prop Update

Hi everyone,

I made an update again on the EnvironmentScaled.mb file. (Monday 9/16 at 8:45 pm)

First the lamp

 I added a double chain setup on the lamp: one chain for Edison and one chain for Tesla. But the original texture on the lamp shade was transparent, exposing the floating chains. I went ahead and removed the transparency on the texture.

This wasn't enough. It didn't look like light was going through the lamp shade, so I tried this trick: adding an areaLight above the lamp.

This is the result.

Each chain has been freeze transformed so the transform attributes are now set to zero.


Here is what the lighting looks so far on each camera. The update has new lights because the original environment had ambientLights that were preventing the Morpheus skin texture from being lit on render.


A book prop is now being referenced in the updated environment file. The book is not flexible. If we need a flexible one, let me know and I'll try to find one.

Instructions to parenting the book to the hand:

Set your hands to either IK or FK.
Pose your character including the hands and book.
The book has a locator attached. For FK: select the locator and the wrist (circle) controller and then parent it. For IK: select the locator and the hand (cube) controller and then parent.
You should be able to move the book with the hand now.
This is for only parenting the book to one hand.

Kevin Maier found me a tutorial on how to parent a prop to both hands:
and If you need to parent the prop to both hands, follow the instructions on the video.

If you have already animated on the EnvironmentScaled.mb file, DO NOT overwrite your file with the update. If you overwrite the file, you might lose your animation progress. Save the .mb file update as another name and I might need to add the new stuff in person. Or I'll send you step by step instructions on how to add the new stuff.

If you have not done any significant progress yet, or if you have been referencing the environment file, go ahead and download again the EnvironmentScaled.mb file to the Scenes folder. And please download the new Edison_BookProp.mb to the Assets folder.


  1. When I referenced the book it looked pretty tiny. Like the whole book is the size of one of his hands. Am I doing something wrong?

  2. I was kinda worried about the size of the book also when I did my blocking. Hmmm, is it okay with everyone to change the size of the book?