Tuesday, October 8, 2013

scene 3- done?

heres my latest version! last minute crits?
I put this version on the server in the movies folder and i put the .mb file in the scenes folder so melvin if you want to check it out feel free

Shot 2 polishing, looking for crits!

Worked on polishing up overall, and really nailing the silhouettes. But what do you guys think? What could i do/push to get it to that next level?

Hope your weekends went well!


Alright, I tried to adjust the twinning a bit and the fingers, also added another blink or two.
Let me know what the next critiques are.
Melvin- maybe I'm just being crazy but I didnt see a lamp group in the outliner. Looks like theres a light shining down from above and an area light. If I tun either of these off it either is pitch black or theres hardly any change. Again, maybe I've just lost it and I'm not understanding.

Scene 5 - Current Polishing (10/8/13)

This is my shot so far.

This is on polishing phase.

Any new critiques? Let me know.

This is a copy and better quality of this playblast on the server.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Edison near finish

Hey guys, heres an update.
Let me know what you think.
I still need to add time at the beginning and end and animate the lights-
Melvin, I couldnt figure out exactly which lights to turn on/off?

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Overall Project Update

Hey everyone.

This is about where we are on the project and what needs to be done before the midnight deadline on Thursday.

This is the current sequence with the most recent playblasts submitted.

The entire animation must be completed soon and that includes the final polish.

Everyone, start having playblasts (if you need it) with the clothes visible. If there are still deform problems, you could try moving some of the controllers around with the clothes on to see if it the overall appearance looks better. If not, let me know where you are having problems and I'll try to work more on the rigs. On the Edison rig, I'm still fixing the stomach problems.

Also, Kendrra, please have a new playblast soon, with the lights animated.

Is anyone available to make a Scene 6 with both Edison and Tesla and make a new camera? Don't worry about lights. Use the timing from the animatic.

For scene 6, do you guys want a crushed radio, or should the radio just be lying flat on the floor?


I was talking to Lauren and we agreed we need to start rendering by Wednesday. Starting to render on Thursday is going to be super risky. But if you're able to render before Wednesday, that would be super awesome.

But, BEFORE YOU RENDER, give me your scenes. I need to review your shots to make the changes in the light setup. So if your done animating, put your final .mb final to the Projects Folder on the server, and send me a text when it's up. I'll send you back a copied .mb with the updated lights. After that you can start rendering. If you find me during the weeknights at the Maya lab, I'll change the lights for you in person. (I will definitely be at the Maya lab every night)


This is the lighting setup so far.

Scene 4 - frame 88 
Scene 4 - frame 155
 Scene 4 - frame 221
Scene 5 - frame 1
Scene 5 - frame 46
Scene 5 - frame 83
Scene 5 - frame 108 (dark shot for Scene 3 - light turned off, Scene 5 - lamp crashing. There is a cool purple fill light to hint that it's nighttime.)
Scene 5 - frame 143
Kendrra and Anna. I adjusted the position of the Edison Camera. Could you unlock the camera on your scene, and put these settings on the Channel Box: Translate XYZ: -67.786, 91.936, 180.752
So what do you think about the setup? I'm trying to figure out why in the Tesla camera the scene is more illuminated. I'll get back to you on that later.
There is a high possibility of doing some cutbacks on the environment. The reason is because there is too much information going on and its slowing down the render. I have some suggestions to make the render time faster: remove the reflective shader on the lamp base, remove the metal dots on Edison's chair, and maybe remove the reflective shader on the table.
One detail that we definitely need to remove is the motion blur. We don't really need the blur, do we?
I did a render test with the motion blur:
This frame took 8 minutes and 54 seconds to render. This is with the original setup of the environment. There were quite a few frames that I tested earlier where there was not a lot of motion, and the frame renders would range about 2 to 5 minutes each.
Tony McKee made a guess how long my shot (with 140 frames) would take with motion blur, it would take around 12 to 17 hours. That's way too long. And especially with everyone else's scene because everyone's shot is way longer than 140 frames.
In the next image, this is the same frame but I removed the motion blur and the reflective shader on the lamp base.

This frame took only 52 seconds to render.
Do you guys have any questions or comments? Please reply soon.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Here's a recent playblast. I still havent gone through the part where he turns and clicks on the light and I still need to address his face for the last part of the scene (it doesnt change). Let me know what you think! Love the honest critiques.

First Shot Blocking Update

Here's my update for the first shot blocking. I took the critique from Friday and Sunday and I toned down the action and movement by a lot, from anger/surprise to mild annoyance. Facial animation is still really rough and I am expecting to pull through with that and with any body mechanic/timing fixes for Friday. Same with hands - they're blocked in terms of where they are, but I don't plan to do individual finger stuff until I'm totally sure of where the hands will be, during polish. But if you see anything that needs to change regarding face and hand stuff, please let me know anyway.

Please critique away!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Final push. Tesla dance

So, looking for some last minute crits.

What time do we want to be all done, and be putting these together? 

Also not sure who requested it but i have a scene in the animation folder on the server.  Thought it was up already, but i think it was a corrupted file.... So! a new one is up now!

Scene 5 - Recent Blocking (update 10/1/13)

This is my recent update on my blocking

My main focus was to get the expressions fixed for both the first pose and the last pose. The first pose is to look like Edison is psychotically enjoying slamming Tesla's radio from the end of Lauren's shot. The last pose was to make the expression more angry after Tesla tosses the lamp.

The right hand can now release the book and make the hands relax towards the end.

Any critiques?

I'll start polishing this soon.

Also, everyone: please make sure you are playblasting in the correct ratio. The Render Settings should be set to HD 720. Before you playblast: make sure the film gate, resolution gate, and gate mask should be turned off.

On Playblast Options the quality should be at 100, display size from Render Settings, and scale 1.00. If you're able to playblast the qt format, use the H.264 encoding.

If the window is smaller than 1280 X 720, the playblast will match the window's largest dimension but it will stay on the correct 16:9 ratio. If you want to playblast to the 1280 X 720 size, you could try Tear Off Copy of one of the cameras and maximize the window and then playblast.