Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Progress so far, looking for some crits!

So what do you guys think about the overall look so far?  I applied all the crits i got on Friday, so wanted to get some more feedback.

How can I push texture more, and Lauren what do you think as far as how it will flow into your amp up in your cut?

I know we briefly talked about having him and Edison cut more within my scene and Melvin's but I wasn't sure if we had given much more thought to that?

Comments please!  I would really like to push this to the next level by Friday.  Thanks guys!


  1. Hey Pattie!

    First thing I notice is Tesla's left arm (our screen right, the one that isn't conducting) isn't really reading starting about four seconds in. I think if you watch the elbow locator and pose the hand not to be cupped midair, it will be clearer. Actually on more watches I think that blocking in some of the hand gestures on that hand for the entire time it's off the armrest would be a good idea. This will also save you some time later when you go to polish the hands, since you will already know what motions he is going through. Keep follow through/drag in mind as well as arcs.

    I think his face at the end may need to be angled either a little more to a full profile, or a little more to 3/4. The way it is positioned right now is showing just a little bit of the other side of his face in a weird place that seems like a bad silhouette.

    I also think maybe at the 4 second mark when he is startled by the lack of music, his head should tilt a little more up than it does to insinuate a big body motion.

    At one point around 4 seconds the hand snaps very suddenly from being pointed out to up. I think that's probably an easy fix though.

    That's all I have for now! Good luck.

  2. Hey Pattie,
    Nice job on making him stand up and move around more.
    I know you didnt get a lot of feedback on his reaction to the music being off and I'm not sure if you've addressed that part yet. After the music stops I think it would make more sense if he stopped conducting and paused for a moment with his arms still up in the air. And then when his head goes into the last pose it hits a wall then turns upwards- maybe that ending note could be a bit smoother?
    As far as the conducting: maybe his hands dont stay in the same position while only his arms move. He could add a little more emphasis to the action if his hands slightly opened and closed on the beats.
    Hope that helps a little,

  3. Sweet thanks Kendrra! Ill give the open and close hands thing a try. I haven't done a pass on that yet. :)