Saturday, September 28, 2013

Edison light

Hey guys,
Heres my progress, please give me brutally honest critiques since I didnt get anything yesterday. Thanks!
And tomorrow the Edison people plan on meeting to sort out continuity between our scenes. See you guys then.


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  2. First, and most importantly, you really have to start animating with the book in there. If you're still having trouble let us know. I think the body mechanics when he turns of the light need work. It feels a unnatural right now because you just have his chest turning. Act out turning towards a lamp to turn it off. Make note of what moves where and when. When I'm just doing it now, and my head leads, followed by my chest, which is dragging my arm. Our body is connected, and when one thing moves, the rest follows. Hope that helps!

  3. he still seems robotic. time to get the book in there too. Its due this week. YIKES

  4. thanks for the reviews! Edison people had a meeting on Sunday so my shot has actually changed a lot since this was posted. Lauren- thanks for the notes about his chest! And Pattie, I agree, I think the robotic movement is mostly cuz its still very pose-to-pose here. Thanks guys!