Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Edison Rig (update 09/12/13)

The rig is now on the server. Sorry I took so long on it. There were a lot of problems that I was trying to address on the rig.

Note that the rig is starting out as a sitting pose.

There was no way to properly put him sitting down from the rig with a standing up pose. As you seen in the previous post, the pelvic area gets twisted badly when the rig sits down.

I had to repose only the Morpheus rig and remodel the clothes with the rig in a sitting position.

I think this is better since all of the shots of Edison have him sitting down anyways.


Also, I have to slim down Edison's torso. The reason is because the geometry was not functioning properly when the shoulders were bending. (The images are from an older version of the rig)

When the arm goes up, the armpit bulges up too much. When the arm goes down, the ribcage gets squashed.
My solution to fix this was to get the geometry of the clothing much closer to the Morpheus geo.

It is now much cleaner when the arm is up. There is still a little bit of compress when the arm goes down, but it is not as extreme as before. I think this is good enough for now with the Edison rig. I can try to improve upon this later on.
Also, if you want an Edison rig with him standing up let me know. I have to fix the clothing geometry if you want him standing up.

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