Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Scene 5 - First Blocking (9/18/13)

This is my first blocking of the shot. This video is also on the server.

I already have some critiques. Towards the ending the head should just do a straight turn instead of doing a small dip with the head. My initial thought was that I wanted to add some arc motion in this part. But now thinking about it, the straight motion could be a better acting choice. I could probably add eye darts and a hard blink as he turns.

Another critique is to exaggerate the hiding from the book pose a little more.

Any more critiques? I'm not sure if I can address any of these critiques tonight because I will be spending today and tomorrow preparing for the Ottawa trip.


  1. Cool Melvin! I'm liking the facial expressions! I think the poses could be pushed a bit more, and the timing could be snappier. Maybe he could slam his book down on his lap at the end out of frustration? Also, his legs look sort of weird at the end. They look disconnected from his body. I know you're leaving for Ottawaa soon, so I understand if you can't get to any of these fixes. We'll be sure to take any notes Annabel has for you on Friday as well :)

  2. I think the timing after the throw is a bit off- it seems like he snaps up from the hiding pose and then muddles through the next poses. So like Lauren said, it could be snappier there. And I get what youre saying about the head dip and I think youre right, a straight turn there would be really funny!
    This is looking really cool though! Love the reaction.

  3. Get some more organic hand postures. Really put some time in getting them in the right spot, especially because the fingers don't move much. Screen left hand looks super stiff... and no one holds a book like that.

    On a more positive note, great facial expressions, nice to see you taking advantage of that opportunity. I agree on the snappier issue both Lauren and Kendrra brought up as well.

    Overall good first pass. :)