Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Scene 5 - Recent Blocking (update 10/1/13)

This is my recent update on my blocking

My main focus was to get the expressions fixed for both the first pose and the last pose. The first pose is to look like Edison is psychotically enjoying slamming Tesla's radio from the end of Lauren's shot. The last pose was to make the expression more angry after Tesla tosses the lamp.

The right hand can now release the book and make the hands relax towards the end.

Any critiques?

I'll start polishing this soon.

Also, everyone: please make sure you are playblasting in the correct ratio. The Render Settings should be set to HD 720. Before you playblast: make sure the film gate, resolution gate, and gate mask should be turned off.

On Playblast Options the quality should be at 100, display size from Render Settings, and scale 1.00. If you're able to playblast the qt format, use the H.264 encoding.

If the window is smaller than 1280 X 720, the playblast will match the window's largest dimension but it will stay on the correct 16:9 ratio. If you want to playblast to the 1280 X 720 size, you could try Tear Off Copy of one of the cameras and maximize the window and then playblast.


  1. I see what you're trying to do with the first expression, and I think the eyes are spot on, but the mouth isn't really working with it. Maybe you could tone it down, and do a crooked half smile. Also, I think you could push the last pose further. Push it as far as you think it can go! You can always dial it back :)

  2. the first facial expression needs some serious work.... no ones mouth does that, dial it back to more of a realistic expression.

    Some of the holds are looking like pops, so push timing or smooth it more out.