Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Final push. Tesla dance

So, looking for some last minute crits.

What time do we want to be all done, and be putting these together? 

Also not sure who requested it but i have a scene in the animation folder on the server.  Thought it was up already, but i think it was a corrupted file.... So! a new one is up now!


  1. We get an extra week for animation, so don't stress TOO MUCH haha. It's looking pretty nice! I think his left hand needs more work, the pose could be better and it feels a little dead at the moment because it stays in that one pose. I would push his expression more too.

  2. the last pose?

    And do we have one more week? I thought it was due this friday along with everyone else. You sure?

    And yes, i have to do a hardcore facial pass. But what pose are you talking about? the last pose?

  3. The pose of his hand, and I think the expressions can be pushed throughout. And yes, I'm positive, Courtney has mentioned in numerous e mails that animation has an extra week. We'll be done on the 14th :)