Monday, October 7, 2013

Edison near finish

Hey guys, heres an update.
Let me know what you think.
I still need to add time at the beginning and end and animate the lights-
Melvin, I couldnt figure out exactly which lights to turn on/off?

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  1. Oh snap. Sorry. I forgot. Use the outliner. (Window>Outliner) There should be lights on 'Lamp_Group' or just use the lights that you can see. I'll adjust the light setup later when you're done.

    More time on the beginning and the end would be good. You could probably add a few more frames (maybe 2 or 3) on the hold between Tesla pulling the chain and Edison's surprise face to give time to read the emotion.

    I noticed that there is still some tweening action going on in your sequence. It would help a lot in the animation to do some offset of the timing. One example that is happening here is that when Edison gets to his first angry pose, he moves his head and both hands simultaneously in the same amount of frames. You could try having the head move first, three frames after that move the book hand and maybe two frames after move the fist hand (Play with the timing.) Also, the fingers. Every single finger right now is moving at the same time. The offset will help right now because the tweening motion is making him look mechanical.