Wednesday, October 2, 2013

First Shot Blocking Update

Here's my update for the first shot blocking. I took the critique from Friday and Sunday and I toned down the action and movement by a lot, from anger/surprise to mild annoyance. Facial animation is still really rough and I am expecting to pull through with that and with any body mechanic/timing fixes for Friday. Same with hands - they're blocked in terms of where they are, but I don't plan to do individual finger stuff until I'm totally sure of where the hands will be, during polish. But if you see anything that needs to change regarding face and hand stuff, please let me know anyway.

Please critique away!


  1. Just a quick comment before I go to bed- the first thing I notice is his left (screen right) arm moves in one continues motion throughout and it has a weird floaty effect. The timing on that arm might need to slow down/speed up in parts. Nice job on toning it down!

  2. muuuuuuuuuuuch better. he looks floaty overall, very slow throughout. try to get some texture in there with his overall body movement as far as timing.

    expressions are WAAAAY better though. good job Anna! nice progress. I know you were stressing out. You got it! keep pushing!