Thursday, October 10, 2013

shot with lights

is this correct lighting?

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  1. Hey Pattie, here is a rundown on light linking for the eyes only.

    On Maya, select Window>Relationship Editors>Light Linking>Light-Centric. A new window will open with two lists.

    On the left list, select the light that you want to use specifically for the eyes only. Once you select that, the right list is going to select (in light and dark blue) everything that is being lit by this light.

    Deselect everything on this list. A fast way is to just click and drag down the list.

    On the right list, look for Tesla_Rig:all_anim. (A symbol next to it is a blue S curve) Click on the cross-box symbol next to it. Click on the cross-box for the following: Rigs_grp > FacialRig_grp > Geo_grp > Master_grp. In here, select "eye_left_geo_grp" and "eye_right_geo_grp". (Those should be selected blue. Don't worry about the upper levels automatically being selected also.)

    Your selected light should now only be lighting the eyes.